Saturday, August 3, 2013

New name and face-lifting to David Luckham's site: complex event processing & real time intelligence

In this picture, taken seven years go, you can see me (somewhat heavier than I am today) with David Luckham (in the middle) and Roy Schulte (in the right hand side).  I have talked with David Luckham recently and found out that he is still maintaining his website, and now also face-lifting it.   On the website he also explains why he has changed the name.   According to Luckham, the name "complex event processing" is strongly identified with the event processing platforms, dedicated software to do event processing,  but this is a tiny fraction of the market, where the bigger market is embedded event processing inside other software.  This observation has been done before by various people (including myself), so I believe he is right. Luckham calls the bigger game as "real time intelligence", some people call it "real time analytics", but  there is an agreement that it is part of the big data game (and other games) and that event processing is in its backbone.   It will be interesting to see if such branding will catch on, and how exactly "real time intelligence/analytics" will be defined -- I'll write more about it.