Wednesday, March 31, 2010

On family trees

Taking advantage of the holiday week to do some shopping, since trying to move the hour in my watch to "summer clock" (what is known as: Daylight Saving Time), I've discovered that the watch is getting older, and it is not easy to tune it, I decided it is time to buy myself a new watch, my previous watch was digital with two different time zones, two stopper watches, alarm, and some more options. I decided to go back to basic and return to the good old analog watch, and chosen a locally manufactured one shown in the picture. Speaking about "back to the basics", I have also participated yesterday in an extended family meeting, one of my relatives decided to kick off a project of investigating the family tree, find unknown relatives in various places, and understand how some relatives whose relations is unclear are related. Creating family trees is kind of a fashion. The idea is to do some investigation (and roles have been distributed between us), and do an extended family event (yesterday only part of the people were there) with presentation about the family history. I have never been into investigating family histories, but the younger generation seems interested, so we'll give it a try... and will try to renew connection with some more distant relatives (e.g. the large Canadian branch of the family), can be interesting... The organizer also took pictures and already posted some of them on his website, the second raw has pictures of me, my wife and three of my four daughters (the eldest one did not join the meeting).