Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Some insights from the talk of Richard Soley in the IoT summit in INTEROP

The opening speaker in the IoT summit yesterday was Richard Soley, the person behind Object Management Group.  Richard talked about the "industrial Internet". He started his talk by having a nice slide in which the Internet now substitutes many thing we have done in the past
However, not everything changed by the Internet, since in many cases enterprises lack the "Internet thinking".  Examples are: manufacturing, energy grids, jet engines, oil and gas exploration and more are handled exactly as were done before.

This is due to the fact that the people involved including technical people are stuck in the way of thinking of the past.

Richard talked about the Industrial Internet Consortium which is a separate entity and not part of OMG (a correction that Richard made to my original posting). 
It has 85 members (at the time of the talk) and growing.  It is intended to study testbeds  in this area.  The Internet of Things is a crucial component in the industrial internet game.

One more insight from Richard is that "people don't read".  Everybody re-invents the wheel, since the current generation of professional people don't read and are not familiar with the state of the practice.  This is consistent with our finding in the event processing area where people prefer to reinvent the wheel and don't even know the wheel exists.  Another perspective of Richard's talk you can find in the article by Chris Taylor, who was the session organizer.   

Monday, September 29, 2014

My talk in INTEROP 2014

My talk on Internet of Things and Personalization is available on Slideshare.  This is a shorter variation (with some additions) of my DEBS'14 tutorial.  Enjoy!
I am also planned to deliver a variation of this talk twice more this week: in IBM Research at Yorktown Heights,  and in Stony Brooks University. 

I'll write more insights from the other talks - later.