Friday, September 6, 2013

Gartner's Hype cycle on emerging technologies 2013

Hype cycles time of the year, and Gartner published the emerging technologies hype cycle for 2013. 

Some insights: 

  1.  "Complex Event Processing" is still near the peak of inflated  expectations, actually moved a little bit below the peak.  This means that it started the process of filtering out the hype, and getting to realistic contributions.
  2. On the analytics front -- predictive analytics is now at the plateau of productivity, and on its way to being a commodity, while prescriptive analytics is on the rise, but still in the innovation phase.
  3. Human augmentation, brain-computer interface, quantum computing and mobile robots are on the rise.  In fact, the Gartner's press release emphasizes the human - machine relationships.
  4. In adjacent technologies to event processing; Internet of Things is getting closer to the peak, In memory DB and context analytics are also getting past the hype peak. 
  5. Big data is still in the height of the hype --- as we saw in other sources,  it is now recognized as a catch-all hype, and I guess that it spawn several distinct concepts in the future.
  6.   Mobile phones/tablets etc are not mentioned explicitly as part of the emerging technologies, I guess that mobile by itself is not a technology -- it has influence on all other technologies (the same as the WEB is not a technology).