Friday, December 7, 2012

Launching the online magazine: Real-time Business Insights: Event Processing in Practice

There are two events today -- the 15th birthday of my daughter Daphna (in the picture taken in our recent family vacation in Malta)

Daphna's birthday will help me remember also the other event happening today -  launch of the online magazine.  I have written about the idea of the online magazine before,  a few months ago - took some time to accomplish - assemble and editorial board, solicit material from authors and find a publisher who believes in the idea to take care of the logistics.   

After some deliberations - the name chosen is shown on the Logo below.  The idea is to start with several pilots issues, the first of them is being launched today.  The magazine consists of several sections:
Business Strategies presents the customer's perspective on how other enterprises gained value from processing streaming data and events in a variety of use patterns.
Tools and Tactics presents the practitioner's perspective with best practices and lessons learned from those who develop event-based solutions.
Frontline presents the community perspective with provocative and thought provoking opinions.
Industry Insights provides in-depth education about the use of real-time business insights in a particular industry.
On the Horizon provides the researcher's perspective on what's coming next in
applied research projects and new technologies.
 EP News keeps readers abreast of the latest industry developments

Each of these section has a section editor, I volunteered to serve as editor-in-chief and section editor of the blogging section ("On the Horizon") - to set a personal example, I have also written the first one, expressing an opinion which will come at no surprise to this Blog's readers.  

The online magazine can be downloaded from here:   (registration is required by the publisher), 

You are encouraged to download, react (the magazine's website links to the EPTS LinkedIn group), distribute to anybody who might be interested, and contribute to any of the magazine's section.

Enjoy and react!

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

On behavioral programming

Yesterday I took the train to Rehovot and visited the Weizmann Institute.  I gave a talk in a local seminar and  was hosted by David Harel's research group.  An interesting work they are doing is on behavioral programming, which is a formal language independent model to specify reactive applications.  They have been experimented with games, robots and toy helicopter.   They are actually specifying event processing systems;  I see a possible benefit in their approach that their formal model is a basis for validation which in event based systems is tricky,  due to the temporal nature.   I'll  work with them on some use cases  from our universe to learn more about their model.    Can be interesting.