Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Event processing and Artificial Intelligence - a tutorial in AAAI 2011

Paul Vincent has recently  blogged  about event driven applications within the applications types cited by the Wired magazine in an article talking about further AI applications.  There are other work within the AI community which look at the short and long term impact of AI research on the universe, such as the AAAI presidential panel on AI research    There is a lot of potential in collaboration between the AI and EP communities,  from the EP side, there are variety of AI techniques that can be used, and from the AI perspective it provides cases in which AI techniques can be specialized in order to be used in practice.      

Recently my colleague Yagil Engel an AI person we recruited  to investigate applications of  AI techniques for EP,  and myself have been notified that our tutorial proposal for AAAI 2011, a top AI conference, was accepted.  

So according to the plan we'll be talking four hours in August about the relationships between EP and AI, the first two hours are planned to provide a crash course on event processing for the AI audience, while the second half is planned to discuss various EP challenges that relate to various AI areas (planning, learning, uncertainty handling, autonomous systems and more.    The idea is to establish a dialog with more people in the AI community and pursue this line of research further.    The down side: we actually need to prepare now a four hours tutorial.   Will write more about it when it is finished (I am sharing all my public presentations on slideshare).    

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Reminder: EPTS awards

 The submission time for the EPTS awards that were announced last year are getting closer. 
 The awards (in cooperation with the OMG event processing community of practice) will be given in two categories:   Innovative application awards  and Innovative principles award 
These awards will be given for innovative applications or research ideas in event processing.    This is an opportunity to get recognition for innovative work.     The submission instructions can be found in the two links above.   The competition is open to all (one does not have to be EPTS member to apply), and to both industry and academic people, as well as those work for software vendors in the event processing area.